Monday, May 20, 2013

Yahoo buying tumblr: an analogy

The Yahoo acquisition is like coming home one day to the news that your family is going to be staying with you forever. They’re moving in. Its not family you like either. Its that annoying uncle who you never agree with and who you don’t feel safe around. No one understands why you’re as upset as you are because at least you still have your home. But it’s not your home anymore. Sure, you can still live there, but you can’t get the feeling of HOME anymore. You never get to feel like you’re SAFE and heard by the people around you. You don’t get the support of your family. But still, no one understands, because you still have your HOUSE. 

Yes, this might be sad, but the people I follow on tumblr and the people I interact with are my family and friends. I feel like I can share things with you and you won’t judge me and you’ll support me through my hard times and be happy for me during the good times. I know this to be true, it has happened numerous times. Really what I want to say is: thank you. Thank all of you for making this a safe space and letting me come here to heal and to escape. Thank you for giving me a home for four years. 


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    this is the best way to put it i’ve seen so far
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    I like the uncle analogy, thats exactly how i feel about yahoo
  9. josephurgolookingatthings said: I get this, but yahoo actually hasn’t changed anything yet or announced plans to radically change the site. Also there’s a potential that they could get their coders to make some real, needed improvements that david karp has ignored
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